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Fasanara Capital

Fasanara Capital

FASANARA CAPITAL LIMITED is an independent, owner-managed alternative asset management company authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). Co-founded by CEO Francesco Filia in 2011, Fasanara has offices in London, Luxembourg and Milan (rep office).  

FASANARA CAPITAL pursues a multi-strategy investment approach across asset classes and the capital structure with core strengths on rates, currencies, equities, liquid special situation securities and portfolio tail risk hedging strategies.
Fasanara Capital



Investor Call

Please find videos and slide deck of our latest investor call

Full Presentation​
Investor Call Video Slide Show
Summary Presentation  
Overview of Contents
Why Is This a Market Bubble
Our best indicators for the Equity Bubble and the Bond Bubble
Market Fragility
The Positive Feedback Loop between Fake Markets and Investors creates System Instability, and Divergence from Equilibrium
How To Position 
From ‘Peak QE’ to some Fiscal Expansion. The liquidity tide goes out. Short Bond & Equity. Long Vol and Convexity.
A Long List of Anomalies
Don’t pretend this is normal
Investor Call - Presentation Deck


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