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Fasanara Capital



7th February 2018

BofA: This Was A "Minsky Moment" For The VIX


5th February 2018

"Termination Event" Arrives: Traders Panic As XIV Disintegrates -90% After The Close


3rd February 2018

"The Market Is On The Edge Of Chaos, A Zone Where Rare Events Become Typical"


2nd February 2018

Some investors are worried low volatility might be the start of a market crash. Here’s why.
  • Loose monetary policy has lasted for about a decade, meaning that investors have become used to central banks protecting the financial system.
  • As a result, they feel safer in taking added risk, which could lead to a market crash.


19th January 2018

Berlusconi has been in politics for nearly three decades. This is the secret to his popularity


17th January 2018

Fasanara Capital (1st video) speaks about challenges facing markets in 2018. In the 2nd video, 
Fasanara discusses his take on stock valuations.. Finally in the last video,   
Fasanara takes a look at the upcoming Italian election.​​


17th January 2018

"Stocks are now in 'complete bitcoin territory,' asset manager says". 
  • Impending tipping point for markets is due to a synchronicity of enterprise overvaluation, high indebtedness, low cash balances and a drawback in public flows’’


11th Janunary 2018

GS: just a 3-point spike in the VIX would force some $110 million vega to buy

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

13th January 2018

The markets have decoupled from reality | Die Märkte haben sich von der Realität abgekoppelt

FASANARA debate with Blackrock

12th December 2017

The London Quant Group event - 12/12/2017 at 18:30 - 
Low Volatility & Systemic Risks

Class CNBC

18th December 2017

Fasanara discute gli scenari di mercato per il 2018, con enfasi sulle azioni delle banche centrali, il nodo liquidita’, e il fenomeno Bitcoin

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

3rd December 2017

The downturn risk due to the declining liquidity supply of the central banks: change of central bank policy can lead to a self-reinforcing bear market.


29th Novemebr 2017

Fasanara explains market complacency is too strong to be suprirised by North Korea's latest missile test.


28th November 2017

"It’s All One Single, Giant $22 Trillion Position": How Market Risk Became Systemic Risk.


26th November 2017

Fake Market Narratives Are Masking The Roots Of The Next Crisis


25th November 2017

Francesco Filia: The World's Twin Asset Bubbles Could Collapse Under Their Own Weight


22nd November 2017

Erik Townsend and Francesco Filia discuss Twin Bubbles, Fake Narratives and Feedback Loops.


22th November 2017

Positive Feedback Loops, Financial Instability, & The Blind Spot Of Policymakers.

Wall Street Italia

30th October 2017

Wall Street Italia spiega perchè la liquidità delle banche centrali si esuirirà lasciando un buco da $2 mila miliardi. 


18th October 2017

$1 Trillion In Liquidity Is Leaving: "This Will Be The Market's First Crash-Test In 10 Years"


18th October 2017

What To Look For If This Is Indeed A Major Bubble

Class CNBC

2nd November 2017

Fasanara discute gli scenari di investimento per il quarto trimestre


11th September 2017

"The Ratio Is Literally Off The Chart": Measuring The Real Bond Bubble


14th September 2017

Fasanara Capital discusses the Bank of England’s monetary policy agenda with Daniel Fuss, vice president at Loomis Sayles and CNBC’s Gemma Acton. (First Video)

Fasanara Capital discusses the possibility to short S&P, Nasdaq and Nikkei stocks due to their dangerously high market valuations. (Second Video)


24th August 2017

"Peak PEG" - The S&P Has Never, Ever Been This Expensive


25th July 2017

When Do We Know These Are Delusional Markets

Class CNBC

25th August 2017

Fasanara discute il rischio bolla sul mercato azionario US e su quello obbligazionario europeo   


3rd July 2017

Fasanara sees Twin Bubbles in Stock and Bond Markets


28th June 2017

Fasanara Capital (1st video) talks about how complacent markets became insensitive to news and macro data, and how Central Banks passive flows are changing the structure of the markets. In the 2nd video, Fasanara discusses what could trigger the next financial crisis: diminishing effectiveness of credit expansion. Finally in the last video,   
Fasanara takes a look at the state of the commodities market and where it could be heading from here​ - Article​​

Class CNBC

7th June 2017

Fasanara discute gli scenari possibili che possono seguire alle elezioni nello UK e la probabilita’ crescente di una ‘Soft Brexit’


4th May 2017

Fasanara Capital Explains How The "Fake Market" Works In One Chart.

Bloomberg Briefs

17th March 2017

Hedge Funds Europe: Q&A with Fasanara Capital on the outlook for oil price.`


24th February 2017

Why this investor is shorting both equities and bonds

Class CNBC

23rd May 2017

Fasanara discute le politiche della ECB e le opportunita’ di investimento che ne derivano: la prospettiva di un restringimento del differenziale dei tassi tra EU e US, nonche’ una sovraperformance dell’Euro rispetto al Dollaro. Commenti sulle implicazioni di medio-periodo della fine del QE.  


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