October, 04th 2021


The Fasanara Capital Episode


Alternative data in Digital Lending​​


  • Introduction to receivable-based financing​

  • Going beyond the obligor risk into patterns of behaviour, dilution risk and fraud risk.​

  • Financials are one piece of the puzzle, credit bureaus, social data and open banking are also part of the equation.​

  • Fasanara’s internal database features an early warning signal that tracks partial repayments and flags up any prospective delays.​

  • The amount of data is cumulative, each day provides and increasing number of data points.​

  • Our data infrastructure permits us to construct ESG ratings for private-unlisted companies.​

  • External data would be helpful only if it moves the needle on minimizing default rates or boosting yields.​​

  • Fintech and Crypto/De-Fi is where Fasanara tries to position itself and data and technology is at the heart of that.

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