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Fasanara is a firm believer in in open ecosystems and collaborative organisations, where we tie up with leading academic institutions and research groups to broaden our boundaries and establish superior understanding, better data and processing power. In 2017, Fasanara Capital started collaborating with The Quant Group (TQG), a research team, aimed at developing systematic strategies, to create superior mathematical models for financial markets. TQG was later absorbed into Fasanara Capital and became Fasanara Analytics, a task force fully dedicated to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence asset management applications.

Risk Management

The risk management philosophy of Fasanara is centred around a cutting-edge technology platform and value-add operations in new and niche markets. The risk management framework is introduced by the risk committee which is incorporated at the strategy and portfolio level. 

Systematic Investing

Through the use of the latest advances in machine learning, and operating with large datasets, we are constantly refining and enhancing predictive power of our investment strategies. Guided by a scientific approach, we devise strategies that take inspiration from economic hypotheses. 


We are strong believers of a quantitative approach. Our data driven research is based on rigorous mathematical techniques which seek to identify statistically significant and persistent patterns in the data.
The Quant Conference
The Quant Conference, established by our team-member - Nikita Fadeev, is the world’s premier conference on quantitative finance dedicated to bridging the gap between industry and Academia. It attracts some of the biggest names in the industry to attend, speak, and sponsor. As its leading partner, Fasanara Capital has been supporting the event from the first day of its inception. The event seeks to grow an open ecosystem of market practitioners and scientists, providing Fasanara Capital with a constant precious supply of coders and Data analysts. Our core belief in collaborative organisations is perfected by these regular events on quantitative finance. 
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Meet The Team
  1. Nikita Fadeev
  2. Alessandro Balata
  3. Karolos Gkesoulis
Five more people are part of Fasanara open ecosystem