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New ESG Ratings to Private SMEs

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Fasanara developed a proprietary methodology to formulate the ESG profile of the 55 countries where it does origination: Fasanara Cardo AI engine. The model is based on numerous statistical indicators provided by international organisations, universities and government bodies and external data providers. We use the ESG factors to analyse our individual line-items in the portfolios, numerically against each specific SDG criteria.

To Analyse Fund Holding: Our 12 ESG Factors

The following case studies serve as examples of how it works. Here we include an overview of the products and services the company provides, if there are any particular projects for which the financing has been provided and complementary details (such as the Fasanara analyst on the deal, total lent and date of first transaction) alongside the Fasanara ESG rating. The list is by no means comprehensive, but it gives a sense of the diverse range of characteristics and ESG issues we follow.


Case Study 1: Fresenius

Case Study 2: East Anglia North One

Case Study 3: CTI

Case Study 4: AFG

Case Study 5: Nomen

Case Study 6: K&J Townmore Construction