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Fasanara Capital is an independent, owner-managed alternative asset management company authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Co-founded by CEO Francesco Filia in 2011, Fasanara is based in London with alliance offices in Milan.  


Fasanara Capital 


We offer access to a range of inventive multi-asset capacity-constrained niche products. Fasanara's unorthodox portfolio construction and unconventional investment strategy is a response to today’s transformational markets.

Quant Fintech Investment Company


Our Outlooks, Cookies and Scenarios on the market 

Scenarios | Jan 2021
Digital Future. Use Of Digital Technology To Build Resilient Portfolios.
Scenarios | Oct 2020
The Market Economy In 2025: A Visualization Exercise
Cookies | Feb 2020
Helping Blind Navigation In Broken Markets: The Cockpit Of Complexity-Based Systemic Risk Alerts.
Scenarios | Oct 2019
How To Navigate The Cliff Edge In Markets
Outlooks | Aug 2019
Transformational Markets: History Being Made
E-Book | Aug 2018
Financial Complexity & Nonlinear Dynamics
Cookies | Feb 2018
The Market System Is Tight In All Directions
Cookies | Jul 2017
How Bad a Damage If Volatility Rises: The Bear Trap of Short Vol ETFs
Scenarios | Jun 2016
The Market Economy In 2020. The Emergence of a New Monetary Orthodoxy
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Jan21. N@ked Short Club
Portfolios for a Digital Future.
Nov20. Quant Conference.
The Age of Quant.
Sep20. N@ked Short Club
Market fragility and non-linearity.
Sep20. Online Summit
Unorthodox Portfolios.
Jul20. N@ked Short Club
The "Fugazi Markets’’.
May20. Speaking to Legends
Outlook on the industry.
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HFM EuroHedge

A handful of quant hedge funds have gained during this year's pandemic-hit markets from a mix of “complexity theory-based algorithms” and traditional linear market analysis.

Jul 2020


Sky News

Nocebo effect of negative rates has deterred investors: central banks around the world have over done negative and sub-zero interest rates and have deterred investors from investing.

Dec 2019

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