The Market Economy In 2025: A Visualization Exercise 

Emergence of New Capital Markets. To any market participant who has been more than 10 years in activity, financial markets are unrecognisable, lampooning the laws of physics...


Fasanara Capital is an independent, owner-managed alternative asset management company authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Co-founded by CEO Francesco Filia in 2011, Fasanara is based in London with alliance offices in Milan.  


Fasanara Capital 


We offer access to a range of inventive multi-asset capacity-constrained niche products. Fasanara's unorthodox portfolio construction and unconventional investment strategy is a response to today’s transformational markets.

Quantitative Fintech Investment Company


Our Outlooks, Cookies and Scenarios on the market 


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Market Fragility Part I 

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Oct 2017 

Market Fragility Part II 

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May 2018 




HFM EuroHedge

A handful of quant hedge funds have gained during this year's pandemic-hit markets from a mix of “complexity theory-based algorithms” and traditional linear market analysis.

Jul 2020


Sky News

Nocebo effect of negative rates has deterred investors: central banks around the world have over done negative and sub-zero interest rates and have deterred investors from investing.

Dec 2019