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December, 16th 2021


Ep. 302 | Plotting a Course for Digitization of Financial Markets

Plotting a Course for Digitization of Financial Markets


  • Bonds are defunct – they are no longer sensitive to inflation.

  • They are also supposed to counterbalance equities and they no longer fulfil that function.

  • Equities have similar issues – extreme valuations and extreme concentrations.

  • Short-termism is the underlying cause of some of the conditions in markets and society at large.

  • The alternative lies in accessing the real economy in a decentralised manner.

  • The new capital markets of digital assets and digital lending offer an intriguing proposition to institutional investors.

  • Fintech channels (digital lending) offer an attractive alternative to traditional bond markets.

  • Banks are retreating from lending to SMEs.

  • They suffer with legacy infrastructure and regulation.

  • The gap may be filled by institutional investors.

  • The digital assets market is not quite ready for major institutional adoption.

  • The investment community should try build future-proof portfolios.

  • We see a world in which more assets are investable.

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