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4th May 2017: ZeroHedge: Fasanara Capital Explains How The "Fake Market" Works In One Chart Article
3rd May 2017:  ValueWalk | Fasanara Capital May – Fake Markets Read
7th Apr 2017: ZeroHedge: Italy's Target2 Deficit Hits Fresh All Time High, Above 25% Of Italian GDP Article
5th Apr 2017: Class CNBC: Strategia di investimento per il secondo trimestre Interview
17th Mar 2017:  Bloomberg Briefs | Hedge Funds Europe: Q&A with Fasanara Capital on the outlook for oil prices (pag.8) Bloomberg Brief
24th Feb 2017 CNBC: Why this investor is shorting both equities and bonds Interview
21th Feb 2017 Class CNBC: Strategia per il 2017, Europa a rischio Interview
22th Dec 2016: Class CNBC:  Outlook 2017, il rischio politico alla guida dei mercati:  http://video.milanofinanza.it/classcnbc/notizie-commenti/Outlook-2017-il-rischio-politico-59661/
8th Dec 2016: Class CNBC:  Prolungato QE: cosa comporta la decisione della BCE?   http://video.milanofinanza.it/classcnbc/notizie-commenti/Prolungato-QE--cosa-comporta-la-decisione-della-BCE--59173/
5th Dec 2016 WSJ:   Harsh Political Winds Test Euro’s Stability and Future Article
5th Dec 2016  MORNINGSTAR:  Euro Recovers Losses After Italy's 'No' Vote Article
26th Nov 2016  BARRON’S:  A Critical Referendum on Dec. 4, for Italy and the Euro Article
16th Nov 2016: CNBC:  A market shift from full QE to fiscal expansion mode Video
26th Oct 2016 VALUEWALK: Dollar Strength, Renminbi Weakness, The End For QE Article
29th Sep 2016: CLASS CNBC: Investire nel quarto trimestre fra banche e incertezza  http://video.milanofinanza.it/classcnbc/notizie-commenti/Investire-nel-quarto-trimestre-fra-banche-e-incertezza-56939
13th Sep 2016: CNBC:   Can central banks win the confidence game? Article
10th Sep 2016 ZeroHedge:  Why One Hedge Fund Is Once Again Preparing For The End Of The Euro Article
5th Sep 2016 ZeroHedge:  Investors See Danger as Global Assets Get Pricey Article
3rd Aug 2016  ZeroHedge:  5 Things To Focus On Article
5th Sep 2016: CNBC: Brexit: don’t think UK is ‘standing on the cliff of a disaster’ Video / Italy NPLs are undeniably a problem Video / QE has proved counter-productive, and might be up for review Video
23rd June 2016: CNBC: Some asset classes are unusable at current levels Video
31st May 2016: CNBC: 'Sizeable' selloff may be ahead Video
27th Apr 2016: CNBC: How you should trade in the next 12 months Video / What’s needed to push banks up? Video
12th Apr 2016: VALUEWALK: Fasanara Capital: risk of a heavy sell-off in the months ahead Article
22th Mar 2016: VALUEWALK: Short European Banks Thesis Article
3rd Mar 2016: VALUEWALK: EURUSD Down, Equity Down On ECB Delivering Deeply Negative Interest Rates Article
1st Mar 2016: CNBC: Is the banking business model at risk? Video / Should you invest in high yield bonds? Video
25th Jan 2016: ZeroHedge:   As US Inflation Expectations Plunge And Converge With Europe's, Here Is One Way To Trade It Article
25th Jan 2016: CNBC:  Could technology lead to stagnation? Video
21st Jan 2016: ZeroHedge:   What Will Mario Draghi Say Today: Thoughts Ahead Of The ECB Announcement Article
19th Jan 2016: ZeroHedge:    Presenting The Central Banks' Munitions Arsenal (Or What's Left Of It) Article
19th Jan 2016: ZeroHedge:    The Market Stubbornly Refuses To Believe A Crash May Be Coming: Here's Why Article
21st Jan 2016: CITYWIRE:    Global equity rout: how to play the battered bear markets Article
3rd Dec 2015: CNBC: How to trade the ECB meeting Video
22nd Oct 2015: CITYWIRE: Draghi holds fire but drops hint of December ECB action Article
19th Oct 2015: BLUERATING: Come investire in un contesto di "stagnazione secolare" (Italian) Article
19th Jun 2015 ALPHA JOURNAL: Fasanara examines investment opportunities thrown up by asymmetric profiles Article
8th Jul 2015: Greek problems could be catalyst for major changes in Europe and world economies Article
25th Sep 2015: CNBC: This isn’t the start of a bear market, but look for more downside short-term Video
24th Sep 2015: CNBC:  Charts point to breach of August lows for S&P 500 Article
8th Jul 2015: CNBC: Deflationary Boom Markets Video
2nd Jun 2015: VALUEWALK: Fasanara Capital’s Take On Bunds Market Riot Article
2nd Jun 2015: HEDGEWEEK: VaR shocks are ‘now inevitable’, says Fasanara Capital Article
28th May 2015: CNBC:  European equities poised for a leg-up Video
16th Mar 2015: CNBC:  European rates to move even lower Video
12th Feb 2015: VALUEWALK: Fasanara Capital: Key Take Aways From Investment Outlook Article
10th Feb 2015: HEDGEWEEK:  Global Markets To Be Erratic In 2015, Says Fasanara Capital Article
5th Feb 2015: OPALESQUE:  The Big Picture: As central banks ease monetary policy, some expect more surprises Article
8th Dec 2014: CNBC: European bonds are not in a bubble Video / Euro will be ‘dismantled’ in 3 years Video
26th Sep 2014: CNBC:  Was the US sell-off 'quite normal'? Video
31st Jul 2014: HEDGE:  Hedge Magazine - Issue 31 - The Art Issue Article (pag. 46-50)
9th  Jun 2014: CNBC: ECB action to boost Greece and Italy Video
12th Apr 2014: BARRON’S:   Greek Bond Offering Flies Despite Future Challenges Article
3rd April 2014: CNBC: 30% Fall-off looming for S&P 500: Economist Video
19th Mar 2014: INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR:  Volatility Trading  Intensifies as the VIX becomes a Trading Tool  Article
9th Mar 2014: ZEROHEDGE:   “Deflation In Europe Is Just Beginning”... And How To Trade It Article
6th Jan 2014: CNBC: Markets’ overvaluation is a concern Video
20th Nov 2013: CNBC: “Very cautious" on tapering and why he prefers European and Japanese equities over U.S. Video
18th Nov 2013: OPALESQUE: Exclusive: Analysing the Great Rotation Article
14th Oct 2013: BLOOMBERG:  Trading tactically around debt ceiling Video
3rd Oct 2013: CNBC: Market was complacent about Italian risk   Video
3rd Oct 2013: CNBC:  Markets will see 'Japan style' volatility   Video
25th Sep 2013: CNBC:  Is the US heading for a correction?   Video
5th Sep 2013: CNBC: Expecting a Market Correction  Video
17th Jun 2013: OPALESQUE:    The Big Picture: Japan is a catalyst for other economies Article
12th Apr 2013: CNBC: Is a Euro Zone Break-Up on the Way Video / Keep Gold Long Term, hedge for monetary madness  Video
18th Feb 2013: CNBC: Go Long Nikkei and Short Yen. Nikkei to 20,000  Video
28th Nov 2012: CNBC: European Equities Will Jump Video
28th Nov 2012: CNBC: Real Estate Outlook CNBC Interview 2
31st Aug 2012: CNBC: How to hedge fatal scenarios Video