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22nd Novemebr 2017
Fasanara Capital: Positive Feedback Loops Threaten Systemic Risk Escalation

Erik Townsend welcomes Francesco Filia to MacroVoices. Erik and Francesco discuss:

  •  Measuring the equity bubble
  •  Measuring the bond bubble
  •  What could the catalyst be for the reversal?
  •  Fake market narrative
  •  Chasing narratives and global growth
  •  Positive feedback loops
  •  ETFs and their impact on the markets
  •  Systemic risks from funds not just banks
  •  Considerations on European junk bonds
  •  S&P values vs. share buybacks
  •  Risks to the market from the short VOL trade

Please go to the website of MACROVOICES -  HERE  - to download the audio recording and the relevant slide deck discussed during the interview.
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