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Brits Increase Fintech App Usage, AM lagging on Technology, Women's Financial Health & Other News

Happy Friday!

In this edition:

  • Most Brits Now Have 2.8 Fintech Apps on Their Smartphones

  • Banks Made Record Investment in European Fintech Last Year

  • UK Banks Plan to Grow Partnerships with Fintech Firms in Wake of Pandemic

  • Fintech-enabled Solutions are Helping to Advance Women’s Financial Health.

  • Asset Managers are still Lagging on Technology.


Most Brits now have 2.8 fintech apps on their smartphones.

New habits driven by Covid mean two-thirds of us manage our finances entirely online.

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Banks made record investment in European fintech last year.

Banks are upping their investments in European fintechs, partaking in nearly 150 deals last year.

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UK banks plan to grow partnerships with fintech firms in wake of pandemic.

More UK financial institutions are targeting acquisitions and partnerships with fintech firms to boost their position in the post-pandemic market, according to a report from Lloyds Bank.

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Fintech-enabled solutions are helping to advance women’s financial health.

Fintech-enabled personal finance solutions have unleashed a world of opportunities to help change the narrative around investing and help advance women’s financial health.

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Asset managers are still lagging on technology.

The City grandee says Al and cloud technology could transform how funds are run.

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