November, 15th 2021

RESONANCE FM: The Naked Short Club

The Interview with Fasanara Capital


New Technologies Coming to the Rescue

(As from minute 40)


  • Fugazi Markets: the cases of Tesla and Rivian.​

  • Bonds as an asset class may be defunct.

  • Law of communicating vessels – money naturally flowing into nearby asset classes.

  • Accumulation of market cap by some stocks may bring pools of volatility or repricing.

  • Policy makers cannot afford too big of a downturn.​​

  • A market in which 2 + 2 = 9.


  • The market has lost its ability to allocate resources efficiently.​​

  • New Technologies are coming to the rescue.​​

  • Cryptocurrencies/DeFi and platforms that lend to the real economy are showing the way forward.

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