July, 26th 2021

Resonance FM: The Naked Short Club

Interview with Fasanara Capital


Markets in 2025​​


  • Fugazi Markets: difficult to pin markets to any anchor of value​

  • Public markets representing intercommunicating vessels

  • Investors extending beyond bonds into other asset classes, often adopting a lot more leverage to make up for the lack of yields.​

  • Bonds are more like a policy tool, not a bond.

  • The 60/40 balanced portfolios are changing; investors are shifting from bonds and equity to alternatives.

  • Future-proofing 60/40 portfolios with fintech, platforms and De-Fi.

  • Annual letter of Jamie Dimon highlights these tech-trends and threats time and time again.

  • Regulation may prove to be the seal of approval for cryptocurrencies

  • “I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter” – the frenzies that prevail in markets make almost anything justifiable.

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