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November, 17th 2021


Ep. 2 | Nikita Fadeev 

The Curious Learners Podcast


  • Learning, reading about Quantitative Finance since the days of university.

  • There was nobody out there who had scale in crypto back in 2017.

  • When you’re young, you need to understand your edge.

  • Learning by doing… there was no blueprint of success in crypto trading.

  • Trying to diversify the strategies and verticals, after hitting a critical mass.

  • Bitcoin and Crypto have reached escape velocity; returns and premiums may shrink, but capacity will increase.

  • Other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin are arguably “doing more”.

  • Ethereum has a huge role to play in the future.

  • A lot of reflexivity in the crypto and DeFi landscape.

  • Metaverse will result in people having 2 identities, a physical one and a digital one.

  • Been dedicating more time to NFTs, important to look at what people do in terms of collecting digital art.

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