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February, 17th 2022


Ep. 15 | Investing in TradFi & DeFi 

The Curious Learners Podcast


  • We’re at the cusp of innovation.

  • Financial markets are supposed to efficiently allocate to the real economy – this is not happening with such large dislocations.

  • The real game is being played in fintech assets.

  • Exponential technologies are leading the way within digital finance – digital lending & digital assets

  • The middle market needs these technologies in order to have access to finance.

  • Banks face legacy issues – they don’t want to make an effort.

  • Fasanara is hands on with the fintech world – we offer both debt and equity – we build successful partnerships.

  • Institutional investors face a desertification of yield.

  • We have a team that tests De-Fi technologies – we study protocols, companies, and currencies.

  • We keep our nimble ethos among our tight-knit team.

  • Let the youngsters lead the way – favour experimentation, not experience.

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