Digtal Assets


Fasanara Digital is a quantitative investment fund applying a scientific approach to investing in digital assets with the aim of achieving exceptional risk-adjusted returns for investors
Investment Philosophy

We believe and design our strategies based on guiding principles

We understand that digital assets are susceptible to large price swings and market dislocations due to large ownership by retail investors

We rely on human judgement, deep understanding of the market and quantitative hypothesis driven analysis

We study recurring crypto native structural idiosyncratic inefficiencies in the market and price action patterns

Investment Objective

We aim to deliver absolute returns with proven qualities

Consistent with minimum draw-downs and attractive on a long-term risk- adjusted basis

Extracted from structural and instrument specific inefficiencies present in the market

Low correlation to traditional asset classes, underlying cryptocurrencies and returns of other managers


What sets us apart

Signal Generation

We leverage our expertise in digital assets and our proprietary hypothesis driven research through which we identify and structure our trades.


We developed sophisticated execution tools and access our best-in-class network of counterparts to minimise market impact and source liquidity at all times.

Risk Management

We utilize a multi-dimensional risk management framework aimed at controlling the risk, improving risk-reward profile of the trades and preserving safety of the assets.

Continuous Innovation

We are continually analysing market trends to identify market regimes and employ best performing strategies for each environment.

The Quant Conference

The Quant Conference, founded by Nikita Fadeev, our partner of Fasanara Digital, is a forum that engages the brightest young minds and foremost thought leaders from the industry and academia to dive into the latest innovations in quant finance, foster collaboration and facilitate opportunities.