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Fintech Lending

Powered by our proprietary technology platform, Fasanara is one of the largest fintech-focused capital providers globally, extending liquidity to SMEs and Consumers
Enabling institutional access to fintech investing

Fasanara offers an array of investment strategies powered by our technology platform


9 year track record of investing in trade receivables and digital invoices bought from SMEs globally, with an emphasis on Europe


4 year track record of investing in a diverse range of niche consumer digital lending instruments globally

Real Estate

5 year track record of investing in Real Estate-backed loans, predominantly development and bridging loans


2 year track record of investing in sports receivables with a focus on professional European football


A core mission of Fasanara is to contribute to closing this funding gap by directing capital towards this essential segment of the real economy in ways that are sustainable


Fasanara can specifically cherry-pick loans to women-owned SMEs or SMEs with significant representation of women in the ownership/control structure
Our Network

Global Ecosystem of Loan Originators

Fasanara is a global leader in the integration and incubation of fintech loan originators, developing a global funding marketplace for the Platform Economy.

Across more than a decade of track record, Fasanara has built a pre-eminent technology platform, acting as the nexus point in an open ecosystem of 137 originators.


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countries we originate in


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Fasanara partners with predominantly early-stage fintech loan originators, having developed and established strong foundations for long-term alliances. Our business model is one of fostering lasting relationships built on sustainable growth, as opposed to "growth at all costs".


Once an originator has passed our thorough due diligence, our technology team methodically integrates the originator into Fasanara's central technology platform, where they become part of our synergistic ecosystem.


Fasanara seeks to provide an environment with the correct incentives where quality origination is rewarded. High calibre work leads to ever stronger bonds between the originator and Fasanara, but not at the cost of a decrease in the quality of the credit underwriting.

Our Edge

What makes us unique

Leveraging Machine Learning Analytics

Fasanara leverages its best-in-class Machine Learning Credit Analytics and Artificial Intelligence analysis for rating assessments and dynamic asset allocation, through both proprietary systems and powerful external partnerships.

Risk Management

The Fasanara Credit Model (FCM), comprising multi-layered credit prediction behaviour, enables us to develop granular credit risk and enforce systematic network risk propagation.

Data-driven Loan Analysis

Fasanara assigns each of its individual constituent loans a Fasanara Debtor Rating (FDR), relying on more than a decade of experience issuing more then $64 billion in cumulative trading volumes.
Investment Principles

The strategies across our product suite all adhere to our core guiding principles

Real Economy Impact

At the heart of what we do is support SMEs/consumers who are major contributors to employment and GDP

Uncorrelated Returns

Critically important following a year where traditional markets devalued with high inter-asset correlation

Stable Income Generation

We manage the capital of sophisticated investors, so we target low volatility capital preservation

Technology Enabled Performance

Through the effective utilisation of technology, we access higher returns per unit of risk